Monday, August 23, 2010

Super Photo Update

These are the photos on my camera. I will be getting others from other volunteers and Primate Handshake in the near future. These 800+ should tide you over.

In chronological order:

Preparing for OLPC Uganda

Part 1 - Kasiisi School Assembly, Looking around the Library, Wildlife at MUBFS

Part 2 - Around Kasiisi, Kanyawara Road, Primate Handshake, Kigarama Borehole

Part 3 - MUBFS water sample, Maps Class, Helping the Girl Guides, World Water Monitoring Day, Road to Rweteera

Part 4 - Road to Rweteera, Rweteera School, Rweteera Water Sample, Fort Portal, Mapping at Rweteera

Part 5 - Mapping at Rweteera, Students' Photos, Programming Class, Paper Maps at Kasiisi, Making Sensors, Last Day of Class (photos, maps, and RFID)

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