Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OLPC Kids as Writers and Journalists

Want to teach students how to tell their stories and make a difference? I combined a few new resources with difficult-to-find classics for this list:

SEETA India's Newspaper Activity -
Builds upon the Write Activity with some newspaper / newsletter layouts. May run slowly on XO 1.0

eHow on writing - short videos teaching how to write different topics, from scary stories to business plans, including cause & effect essays, paragraphs, and teaching tips, too.

YouTube's official Reporters' Center -
Videos advising ordinary people on how to conduct interviews, collect information, build a story, and make a powerful presentation. Collects YouTube videos from many prominent journalists.

Pulitzer Center and YouTube's Project Report:
Best of the best citizen journalists. Scroll down the page to see the Pulitzer Center's tips on Production Tips, including lighting, cameras, and action

CitizenTube - Professional interviews and reporting based on questions and interests suggested by commenters. Recent interviewees include Bill Clinton, BP, and Shakira. One of your student's questions could be elevated to YouTube stardom! Their website also discusses online media made by change-makers and politicans.

Knight Foundation Grants - grants for community news-making, arts, and even application developers.

To get YouTube videos working on an XO, download from (just add kick to your YouTube video's URL) then convert using ffmpeg2theora , or check out the Flash guide

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