Saturday, January 1, 2011

olpcMap Sprint Dénouement

After my second day of the olpcMAP Sprint, I wrote:

Everyone who has stopped by has added their own piece and commented on how we're not exactly following the agenda. I'd compare it to a political convention, maybe? We each came to represent a part of our community, knowing what the end product is (olpcMAP), but with different ideas about what it ought to do.

Today, Friday: I went in thinking that was only about networking. After the meeting, I think it can do more to support volunteers' programs. More articles such as the Ntugi School solar setup and my One Stop Media Guide would be available.

This was also a big week for student mapmaking. The Map Activity, used by many students in South America, is getting a new look in 2011. Pilot over to anywhere on Earth, and click to add local photos, Wikipedia articles, and WikiMapia places. It also gives students and teachers a direct line to olpcMAP!

And what can students do by mapping their community? Check out the Surui Tribe's map project to protect the rainforest through Google Earth.

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