Monday, June 28, 2010

From Logan Airport

I'm sitting at the gate for Air Canada, taking care of some final about-to-leave business. I promised my Boston-area non-profit, DigiLiteracy, that I would be posting some lesson plans for Measure and Get Books. I also have some coding to do for my early summer research project. Putting this all together on the XO is an extra challenge, but it's still quite possible.

Once I get to Quebec, I will be calling in to a OLPC Uganda strategy conference call. There are a few large projects underway and several volunteers traveling in Uganda this summer, and if we work together we can maximize the laptops' usefulness and perhaps encourage more schools to adopt them. Sustaining a few isolated schools is quite difficult, but when more schools get computers and digital lessons, it will be easier to get support from teachers, businesses, and the education ministry.

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