Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exploring Caves in Uganda

So I'm reading about some places to explore near where I'm going in Uganda

Amabera ga Nyinamwiru caves in the western Uganda town of Fort Portal are a marvel and a sight to behold even for a seasoned traveler... The whole place smells of mystery... Every room in the cave looks different and has different folk tales about it, For example, there is a room where it is said that the dogs belonging to the Bachwezi used to sit and the roof in that room is shaped like dogs' paws. There is a constant hum of the water fall inside the cave as one part of the cave has a water fall at its opening.

Very cool. Adventurous and all. Then a tip from The Daily Show leads me to discover this:
The World Health Organisation (WHO) urged Ugandans and tourists on Friday to avoid entering caves after a Dutch woman returned home with deadly Marburg [Ebola] haemorrhagic fever. She is believed to have been exposed to fruit bats in the python cave in the Maramagambo Forest... but had also visited a cave in Fort Portal.

... ... =-o

Exploring caves

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